Ladies in Red Ball February 15th starting at 1:00 pm

Published: Tuesday, 30 January 2024


Valentine's Day may be over, but you can still express your love to your significant other every day. Take your partner to the exquisite Trianon Ballroom and enjoy top-notch entertainment starting at 1:00 pm with Zoree Jupiter's captivating voice. She will sing some of the most romantic songs for you. Then, at 2:00, DJ Essensual will take over, spinning some of the best love songs for two hours. The event is called "Ladies in Red," and gentlemen can pick up a "Valentine's Edition" Tuxedo at the Elegance Shop located in the Ballroom.



Just in time for Valentine's, Essensual has worked on 3 tuxedos for you Gentlemen to wear. Come to the Trianon World Complex, take the TP board or large pictures of the Ballroom, and look for the Elegance Shop sign you will find them there. Make sure you come to the Lady In Red Ball on the 15th, Zoree Jupiter and Essensual will entertain you for 3 hours.
Show her you love her every day.

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