RR's testimonial

Published: Tuesday, 04 April 2023

I have been at a few of this sims dances and the owner knows how to throw a party. She has fun with the visitors, and loves to play what ever they might want to listen to. If this party keeps growing like it has she might need a bigger building. I will have to come to your ballroom dance too some day, I saw the building it is very well put together.
Thank you Essen, keep up the good work!!!!
UPDATE: I was on your new grid tonight. First off congrats for making your own grid, but all I can say is its faster than the speed of light. Rezzing in seconds and not minutes, I cant wait till your stress testing it with more people. and to all the haters out there, Essensual knows what makes people happy and delivers even at her own expense. Carry on young lady.

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