Fetish Factor

Published: Thursday, 30 March 2023

In the big city, were at night the latex and leather rule the streets, is a club called the Fetish Factor with the "Expanding Dance Floor™" so no one feels crowded,

with a very unique Dance Ball only on the Trianon with over 125 couples dances.
Come as you are or in you are favourite Leather or Latex to the BEST Party on the OS in the 5pm Sunday Time Slot.

Visit the LaTeX Source right across the street Free Latex.
DJ Esse playing the Rock and your Requests.
every Sunday 5pm grid/PST
hg.trianon-world.com:18002:Trianon Complex and Click Portal to the Fetish Factor

The LaTeX Source is right across the street from Fetish factor, come shopping and enjoy the Latex you can wear to events.

Inside the Fetish Factor you will find one of the most unique dance ball sin opensim.

It has over 125 couples dances and 67 singles styles, and the first "Expanding Dance Floor™"

Smoke and Lights open up the dance floor.. so it is double the size..

Bring a friend and have some fun.


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