What would you like to learn First??

Published: Sunday, 07 January 2024

with 2024 already here, its time to start teaching a few things

what would you like to learn first??

How to reduce the complexity of your Hair that has styles. with Esse ( 1 week only)

How to convert a building from Bullet to Ubode ( yes those darn physics) with Adani and Esse (1 week only)

How to get dressed with out getting nekkid.. with Essse (1 week only)

Prim Building.. with Adani and Esse (6 to 8 weeks)

How To Animated Furniture.. Adani and Esse ( 3 week )

Texturing with Esse (advanced lighting) ( 2 weeks)

Blender with Adani

Scripting with Adani


 These classes maybe short like a 1hour class, some will be longer.

All Classes will be on Saturdays around 9AM grid with Adani's classes or 11am with Essensual's

These Classes are open to everyone, you do not have to be from this grid.


Let Essensual or Adani know what your interested in Learning.

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